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Zento Billiard Team and Promotion Players
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Zento Team


Company, Dealers & Players

Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design.

We love the Game and the great tools we can develope for this Sport

Thomas Ott

CEO Co-Founder

Marlene & Emma

Co Founder

If you think you the perfect partner for our team, contact us!


PR Manager

Team Players

The Players who represent our Zento brand products

World Champion and International Pro Player from Germany

Ralf Souquet

Pro Player

European Pro Player

Phil Stojanovic

Pro Player

European Champion 2015 from Italy

Barbara Bolfelli

Italian Pro Player

Cleiton Rocha from USA

Cleiton Rocha

USA Pro Player

Pro Player from USA

Samantha Gutenacht

Pro Player

Loree Jon Hasson

Pro Player

Florian Schärtl

German Player

German Champion 10-Ball in 2014

Christian Dingler

German Player

Team 1 Mannschaft Passau

Pro Player

Cesar Sousa

Pro Player

Dimitri Jungo

Swiss Pro Player

Tom Binder

German Player

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