Dealer / Partnership request - ZENTO Billiard
Dealer and Partner Request for Zento Billiard
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Dealer / Partnership request

Your Request

We are pleased about your interest in cooperation with Zento Billiard

So let us know more about your Interest

  • Store Dealer

    • If you got a Billiard store and sell direct to Players
    • You install the Tips to the cues
    • You go to Events and Tournaments

  • Online Dealer

    • You have a Webshop for Billiard
    • You sell only to Players

  • Resale and Wholesale

    • You sell to Traders, Dealers and Partnershops
    • The Quantitys by Year are over 500pc
    • You got exclusive Areas

  • Manufacturer

    • You got your own brand
    • You produce Billiard cues or Equipments
    • You sell to Dealers and Distributors
    • You need a own Design

If you interested to start with Zento as Partner (Dealer, Repair Center, Distributor, Cuemaker) please send us your request by Email to

We contact you very soon after your request.

Thanks for your interest!