About Zento Billiard, Zento Break and Jump Cuetips
About Zento Billiard, Zento Break and Jump Cuetips
Zento Billiard, cuetips, breaktips, jumptips, break jump tips, jumpcue tip, breakcue tip
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About Us


We at ZENTO create tools for the Billiard future


Thomas Ott

CEO and Founder
30 Years for Billiard Sport, Business0%
  • Years Sale and Services

  • Years in Sport

  • Product development


With more than 30 years in Billiard Sports we see the most tools whats coming and we know what the Game and the Players need.

Over 10 Years in the Billiard market we sell, trade and develope Billiard Accessories. That include many brands we promote and sell at first because we see the sence and quality for the market.

Last 5 years we give more and more energy in create own idea for better products.

Here at Zento is now the new Home of development of that and the ZENTO Break Jump tips are the first outstanding product.


Break and Jump Tips for Poolbilliard cues
More in near future

Ready for future

All our products made for your future

User Friendly

The Zento products always made for easy handling and playing

Fully Customizable

On request we can create your own design and colors of the Zento tips

100% Warranty

On our Zento tips we give you a lifetime warranty
If anytime your tip is defect you get a new for free!


If you interested in a cooperation as Dealer, Wholesale, Promoter or Player please contact us with your ideas and request.